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XTrade X0900120 24oz Rubber Mallet

XTrade X0900120 24oz Rubber Mallet

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The XTrade X0900120 is a 24oz (0.68kg) Rubber Mallet with a Combination Strike Head. The black half is made from a harder rubber than the white half which is a softer compound. Ideal for assembling woodworking projects, shifting panels of drywall into place, tapping bricks or pavers into sand or tightening up joints in luxury vinyl tile or in laminate flooring. Comes with a lightweight fibreglass handle with a comfortable non-slip rubber grip.


  • 24oz Combination Rubber Mallet
  • Standard black face for general work
  • Semi-hard white face that will not mark or discolour surfaces
  • Strong and lightweight fibreglass handle
  • Comfortable grip
  • Suitable for striking, shaping or moulding materials
  • Part Number: X0900120
  • Weight: 24oz
  • Overall length: 350mm

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