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Weedol Gun Ultra Tough Weedkiller 1L

Weedol Gun Ultra Tough Weedkiller 1L

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Weedol® Gun! Ultra Tough Weedkiller kills tough weeds to the roots. It kills brambles, nettles, thistles, docks, and other deep-rooted weeds and is ideal for clearing untidy or overgrown areas.
How to use
Shake well before use.

To open the spray, twist nozzle to spray position. ¼ turn left for the narrow spray.
Apply spray evenly to lightly wet the leaves avoiding run-off.
1 L treats: 37 m² of annual weeds, 34 m² of perennial weeds and 29 m² of brush weeds.
Turn the nozzle to Stop position after use. Visible effects in 24 hours. Weed death may take up to 28 days (in cold weather activity is slower).
Re-plant 7 days after spraying.


*This product now comes in a white bottle

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