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Vitax Plum Maggot Trap Refill

Vitax Plum Maggot Trap Refill

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Stop plum fruit moths in their tracks with a Plum Maggot Monitoring Trap. A strong, corrugated trap with hanger, the Plum Maggot Monitoring Trap is suitable for organic gardening and can monitor between three and five trees.

Maggot damage in plums, damsons and gages is mainly caused by caterpillars of the plum fruit moth. The female moths lay eggs on the leaves and fruits. After 10-14 days, the caterpillars bore into the fruitlets and feed on the fruit in early summer.

Plum Maggot Monitoring Trap:

  • Contains one pheromone lure to attract male moths
  • Re-usable with separate refill pack available containing one lure
  • Can be used mid-May to July

Each trap contains a pheromone which lures the male moths into the trap enabling gardeners the access the trap and apply a suitable insecticide. As male moths tend to mate on warm nights, traps should be in place for late spring or early summer.

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