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Vitax Growmore 10kg

Vitax Growmore 10kg

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Growmore has been specially formulated to encourage strong healthy plant growth. A popular, general purpose fertiliser for use all around the garden, Growmore contains three major nutrients which are essential for strong plants.

• Apply throughout the growing season

• Can be used for fruits, vegetables and flowers

• Ideal fertiliser to use before laying turf or sowing grass seed

Promoting heavy crops of fruit and vegetables, balanced vigorous plants and beautiful flowers, Growmore should be applied evenly and forked or hoed into the top surface of the soil.

Due to its versatility and range of application, Growmore can be used prior to planting and then applied as a top dressing, often re-applied at 8-10 week intervals. Where possible, avoid the fertiliser lodging on leaves and stems.

Contains superphosphate and nitrogen.

How to Use:

Apply from February until the end of the growing season in October.

Vitax Growmore should be applied evenly at the recommended rate, hoed or forked into the top surface of the soil and, if dry, well watered for maximum benefit.

Note: 1 gloved handful contains approximately 35g.


Prior to sowing or planting: 140g/m2 (4 oz/ sq yd). As a top dressing for established plants: 70g/m2 (2 oz/ sq yd) at 8 - 10 week intervals.


Potatoes: prior to planting 200g/m2 (6 oz/ sq yd). Other vegetables: prior to planting or sowing 140g/m2 (4 oz/ sq yd). As a top dressing: 70g/m2 (2 oz/ sq yd) sprinkled evenly between the rows at 8 - 10 week intervals.

Shrubs, fruit trees and bushes

When planting trees or shrubs: mix 70-140g (2-4oz) with the infill, depending on the size of the plant. As a top dressing in Spring: 140g/m2 (4 oz/ sq yd) applied evenly over the area covered by the branch spread.

New lawns

140g/m2 (4 oz/ sq yd) forked into the top 8cm of soil before sowing grass seed or laying turf.

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