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Trend PH/JIG/BS Single Pocket Hole Jig

Trend PH/JIG/BS Single Pocket Hole Jig

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Strong glass-reinforced nylon body in a compact design. For drilling 9.5mm wide pocket hole joints in wood, such as panel fixing, corners and mitre joints. Features hardened steel drill guide and clamping point. Unique drill depth setting system for fast set-up on materials from 12.7 to 38mm. Perfect for narrow repairs in confined spaces.

  • Material Thickness Gauge allows fast checking of material thickness without the use of a tape measure.
  • Pre-set Depth Gauge adjusts the pocket position to suit the timber thickness.
  • Drill Bit Setting Gauge is used to set the correct drilling position for materials between 12.7mm and 38mm thick.
  • Full-Length Hardened Drill Guide Bushes for long life and accurate drilling.
  • Woodchip Relief Hole helps protect against clogging inside the drilling guides.
  • Flip-Over End Stop allows the jig to hook over for an external joint or butt up to an edge for an internal joint.
  • Clamping Pad provides even pressure to the jig for consistent, accurate pockets.
  • Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon Body minimises weight whilst retaining strength.

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