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Trend PH/8X37/200C Coarse Thread Pocket Hole Screws

Trend PH/8X37/200C Coarse Thread Pocket Hole Screws

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Square drive, self-tapping, solid steel wood screws coated with Zinc to protect against rusting, ideal for a variety of indoor projects. 37mm length coarse thread to suit 25.4mm softwood, plywood and particle board. Designed for use with Pocket Hole Jigs.

Pack of 200 Screws.

  • Zinc-Coated Steel protects the screw against moisture, preventing rust.
  • Self-Tapping Tip ensures wood doesn’t split, producing a strong, clean joint.
  • Flange Head maximizes joint strength and prevents over-tightening.
  • No.2 Robertsons Square Head provides maximum grip ensuring the bit doesn’t slip whilst driving at an angle.
  • Coarse Thread makes this screw ideal for soft wood, plywood and particle board.

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