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Slug Clear 3 Ultra Pellets 300g

Slug Clear 3 Ultra Pellets 300g

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SlugClear™ Ultra 3 kills slugs and snails and protects gardens for up to two weeks. Certified for use in organic gardening, it is suitable for grow your own crops and ideal for salads, strawberries, brassicas and ornamentals. For outdoor and greenhouse use – slugs and snails crawl into hiding in the ground and die. Bottle is made of 100% recycled material and can be recycled.
How to use
Use these slug pellets at the first sign of slug or snail damage.
Sprinkle the slug pellets evenly and thinly over the soil around the plants to be protected, so that the individual pellets fall 8-10cm (3-4") apart (approximately 140 pellets or 3g/m²). Do not put on the ground in heaps.
Where to use
Apply to bare soil around the base of strawberries, salad crops, brassicas, ornamentals and flowers to reduce slug and snail damage. Apply pellets evenly over the whole area of plants, ensure they do not become trapped in leaves or other parts of plants.

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