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Sandtex Microseal Smooth Masonry Brick Red

Sandtex Microseal Smooth Masonry Brick Red

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A popular Sandtex® paint, this durable and breathable exterior masonry paint offers up to 15 years of weatherproof protection. Providing excellent versatility and complete coverage, this multi surface exterior wall paint can easily be applied to the outside of your house, and is perfect for surfaces including - rendering, pebbledash, breeze block, concrete block, roughcast and facing bricks. A leading outdoor wall paint, Sandtex® smooth masonry can also be applied to additional exterior elements, including masonry door surroundings and masonry window ledges. Microseal® Technology with a Smooth Finish.
Sandtex® masonry paint is available to buy today in a smooth finish. Incorporating our advanced microseal® technology, this tough, exterior masonry paint provides an added layer of protection, whilst letting the surface of your walls breathe. Our enhanced formulation also helps to protect against peeling, flaking and dirt, making this durable exterior paint the perfect protective coating for your home.
Brick Red - A Warm, Dark Red Masonry Paint.
One of 8 colours available in this size, Brick Red is a unique shade of dark red masonry paint that provides a striking finish to any house. Add a touch of colour to the outside of your home, with this beautiful dark red exterior paint.
"A warm, dark red which has the visual effect of advancing. Brick Red brings striking colour to an outdoor space, even on the bleakest of days. Looks particularly great in urban environments, against buildings constructed of sandstone”- Sandtex® Colour Specialist.
Sandtex® - If it'e outside, we've got it covered.

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