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Nippon Ant Killer Powder 400g

Nippon Ant Killer Powder 400g

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Providing up to six months control, Nippon Ant Killer Powder is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Highly efficient, simply apply a fine dust of ant powder along ant runs, cracks and crevices or anywhere where ant activity is present. Entrances to nests should be liberally dusted, especially if the nest is inaccessible.

Nippon Ant Killer Powder:

  • Kills on contact
  • Long lasting - up to 6 months control

Nippon Ant Killer Powder can also be used to control other crawling insects including cockroaches, beetles, earwigs, silverfish and woodlice. Very versatile, the ant powder can also be used to destroy wasp nests.

The ant powder is hazardous to bees and should not be used on soft furnishings or used near food areas, or where water could become contaminated. Biocides should be used safely.

Always read the label and product information before use.


How to Use:

Apply directly by dusting using the puffer pack. The puffer pack will dispense 2g per 2 second squeeze.

Indoor application in crack and crevices:

Apply 20g of product in thin layers in cracks and crevices where insects hide (under furniture, corners, etc.). Use up to 2 applications per year with a minimum interval of 6 weeks between treatments.

Ant nest treatment (indoor and outdoor):

Apply in thin layers on the area surrounding the nest entrances and/or injected into the nest entrances at a maximum rate of 2 grams product per nest. The outdoor application can be performed once per nest up to a maximum of 5 nests around houses. Shake well before use. Remove cap and holding container pointing slightly downwards, squeeze gently to apply a fine stream of dust. Replace cap after use.

Always read the label before use and follow all the instructions provided. Do not apply in case of rain or wind. To reach nests located under terraces, apply the product carefully in cracks and crevices or between tiles and avoid run off of product. Apply only in areas not liable to flooding or becoming wet, i.e. protect from rain, floods and cleaning water. Follow good hygiene practices: remove or prevent access to all sources of food. If the infestation persists despite following the label instructions, contact a pest control professional.

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