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Metex Silicone Block

Metex Silicone Block

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Metex Silicone Block is a 5-in-1 silicone finishing tool for shaping and smoothing silicone sealant like a pro! Unlike other silicone finishing tools, the 5-in-1 Silicone Block does 5 jobs with just one tool. Ideal for sealing e.g. sinks, shower trays & bathtubs.  

Silicone Block creates a consistent width silicone bead from start to finish with just a few swipes – choose either 6mm or 8mm width bead thickness. It also stops dents in beads when going over grout joints (no additional fiddly tool required) and creates sharp & consistent internal corners.  

As Silicone Block is only 30mm wide, it also works in tight areas such as behind taps. And unlike finishing silicone with your finger, it doesn’t leave a trough in the sealant in which water could accumulate! 

Finishing silicone jobs with great looking sealant joints is now easier than ever.

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