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HG Window Cleaner Concentrate

HG Window Cleaner Concentrate

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PH-neutral outdoor window cleaner
HG window cleaner concentrate is pH-neutral. It can rid your windows of dirt, however won’t damage surfaces like paint, varnish or plastic. This window detergent also won’t harm your hands.
You can make the most out of our product. With our 500ml bottle, you could clean your windows approximately 35 times for an average sized home. You can also see our HG glass and mirror cleaner for cleaning other home objects, like mirrors and shower screens.
How to use HG window cleaner concentrate?
Our streak free window cleaner is simple to use. Simply follow the steps below for your spotless windows:

Add 15ml (approx. 2-3 teaspoons) of HG window cleaner concentrate to half a bucket (5L) of lukewarm water.
Wash the windows using a clean cloth in a circular motion.
Use a squeegee to dry in overlapping strokes.
Squeeze dry the squeegee after every stroke with a clean cloth before using it again.
Avoid cleaning the windows in direct sunlight to avoid the water drying too quickly, as this causes streaks to appear.

If cleaning particularly dirty windows, then you should apply HG window cleaner concentrate in undiluted form using a sponge. Leave this to settle and then wipe it clear with water.

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