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HG Wallpaper Remover

HG Wallpaper Remover

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Ultra concentrated wallpaper remover
No more messing around with a steamer and tatters of wallpaper. HG wallpaper remover is the super concentrated, very strong wallpaper removal solution which quickly dissolves all kinds of wallpaper adhesives, and it is very economical. 500ml is sufficient for removing 100 m2 to 200 m2 of wallpaper.
How do you use HG wallpaper remover?
Follow the steps below for optimal use of the wallpaper stripping solution from HG.

Sand washable, water-repellent, vinyl or metal wallpaper first with coarse sandpaper. 
Remove the top layer first from removable wallpaper. Paper and other absorbent wallpaper types do not need treatment beforehand. 
Depending on the type of wallpaper to be removed, mix the recommended amount of HG wallpaper remover with 10 litres of water. 
Apply this diluted solution with a pressure spray, plant spray, wallpaper brush or sponge. 
Wet the wallpaper thoroughly and leave to work for 5 to 15 minutes. 
Now start by loosening a corner, possibly using a wallpaper stripping knife or a filling knife. 
Now remove the saturated wallpaper in full widths where possible. Here too, use a wallpaper stripping knife or filling knife.

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