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HG Tile Protector - Product 14

HG Tile Protector - Product 14

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Tile finish protective coating that deepens colour and structure
The wafer-thin yet extremely protective tile coating protects floor tiles against wear, scratches and other damage. HG tile protector also deepens the colour and structure of the floor tiles. This protective tile coating for floor tiles, flagstone and slate also masks existing worn patches and even has a non-slip effect. 1 litre is sufficient for approximately 40 m2 per layer.
How do you use HG tile protector?
Follow the steps below for correct use of HG tile protector (HG product 14). 1 litre is sufficient for approximately 40 m2 per layer. For regular cleaning with a floor cloth we recommend HG tile cleaner shine restorer (HG product 17).

The surface must be completely clean and free of grease and dust.
The glue/paste and grout of new floor must be completely cured and dry. This usually takes 4-6 weeks of drying.
Do not shake before use and preferably apply with a wax spreader (see bottle label on the front). It is also possible to use a lint-free, clean towel wrapped around a squeegee. On rough surfaces use a (long-pile) paint roller.
Pour the tile finish liquid onto the floor and apply evenly in straight lanes and in one direction. Do not use circular motions or pressure.
Once the product has dried (after about 40 minutes), a second layer can be applied in the opposite direction onto the first layer.

Which HG products do I need for my tile floor?
Besides protecting your tile floor against penetrating dirt, stains and wear with this protective coating with a satin finish, there are other protectors to choose from in the HG range for tile floors. This range consists of a number of different cleaners for regular mopping, but also an intensive cleaner for removing grease and caked-on dirt for example.

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