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HG Stain Remover

HG Stain Remover

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Powerful carpet spot cleaner
HG stain remover has a dirt-repellent effect after use to prevent stains from reforming.
Before using this product, we recommend you test the colourfastness of the material to be treated. You can do this by rubbing the HG stain remover with a moist cloth in an inconspicuous place, to see how the fabric reacts. If it doesn’t discolour, then you can use HG stain remover on the rest of the fabric.
For particularly stubborn stains, caused by coffee, wine, grease, chocolate or sauce, we recommend HG stain remover extra strong.
How to use our stain remover spray

Spray the stains with HG stain remover and leave it to settle for a few minutes.
Then wipe the stain with a clean and absorbent cloth, like kitchen roll.
Rub the surface dry suing another cloth.
Enjoy your stain free home!

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