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HG Screen Cleaner

HG Screen Cleaner

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Screen cleaner and protector for all types of screens
Our screen cleaner spray can also be used as tv screen cleaner or lcd screen cleaner and to clean tablets, laptops, navigation systems, mobile phones as well as their casings and frames. 
How do you use HG screen cleaner?
Clean your screen? Follow the steps below to clean screens safely and without streaks with HG screen cleaner.

Spray the HG screen cleaner on the screen one or more times, depending on the size of the screen. Do not spray too much to prevent dripping.
Then clean and dry the screen with a lint-free cloth, for example, a microfiber cloth.
For stubborn dirt use a little extra screen cleaner and rub the spot using circular motions.

For surfaces where it is possible to spray onto the electronics (for example through ventilation openings), spray the HG screen cleaner onto a cloth and then wipe off the surface.

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