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HG Microwave Cleaner

HG Microwave Cleaner

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Handy and powerful microwave cleaner 
Clean your combination microwave fast and easy every day? It’s easy with HG microwave cleaner. This handy and powerful microwave cleaner is suitable for the easy removal of grease and (encrusted) food remnants. The microwave cleaner is safe for use on all materials used in combination microwaves. Cleaning the microwave used to be quite a difficult task, but not any more with HG microwave cleaner.
How do you use the HG microwave cleaner?
Follow the steps below for correct use of the HG microwave cleaner.

Spray the surface to be cleaned with the HG microwave cleaner
Leave the microwave cleaner to work for a few seconds.
Now wipe the surface with kitchen roll.
After that, wipe the microwave with a clean, damp dishcloth.

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