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HG Laminate Cleaner - Product 71

HG Laminate Cleaner - Product 71

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Laminate floor cleaner spray for daily use for all types of laminate flooring
Every day sand, dust and other dirt quickly collect on the laminate flooring and HG laminate cleaner is the perfect solution. Our laminate floor cleaner spray is very economical and it is suitable for all laminate flooring. For weekly cleaning, we advise HG laminate cleaner (HG product 72) or HG laminate cleaner shine restorer (HG product 73).
How do you use HG laminate cleaner (500 ml)?
Follow the steps below for correct use of HG laminate cleaner (HG product 71).

Moisten a cloth or mop lightly with HG laminate cleaner (500 ml). Spray 2 to 4 times and make sure the mop or floor cloth is not too wet..
Mop the laminate floor with a little pressure. 
The idea is not to wet the floor, but for the damp cloth or mop to take up the dust and dirt. No need to dry. 
If you have any stubborn marks, spray directly onto the mark, leave it to work and wipe off.
The result is a clean laminate floor!

For weekly mopping with a glossy effect, we advise HG laminate cleaner shine restorer (HG product 73). For weekly mopping without gloss, HG laminate cleaner (HG product 72) is the best product.
Which HG products do I need for my laminate floor?
Besides the quick, daily removal of dust and sand with this every-day spray, the HG range of optimum care for laminate floors offers you a choice of various products for regular cleaning, intensive cleaning or protection against scratches and wear of the laminate’s top coat.

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