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HG Graffiti Remover

HG Graffiti Remover

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Graffiti remover for all surfaces
In addition to vulnerable surfaces, such as lacquer, paint and plastic, this anti graffiti paint can also be used on other smooth surfaces, such as glass, metal, acrylic glass, marble, granite, Eternit, etc. It also removes graffiti from stone, concrete and untreated wood. The spray paint remover is biodegradable and does not contain any volatile agents. It can also be used to remove paint spatter and felt-tip marker.
How do you use HG graffiti remover?
Follow the steps below for correct use of HG graffiti remover.

First apply the graffiti remover on a small area to ensure it does not affect it.
Apply the graffiti cleaner from HG with a brush or clean cloth. 
On sensitive areas, never allow the graffiti removal spray to work more than two minutes, otherwise they will become dull. 
Rinse the surface thoroughly with warm water. 
On more durable surfaces, such as concrete and stone, HG graffiti remover can be left to work for 24 hours. Always use a brush to scrub areas with a coarse texture. Then rinse off with lukewarm water, using high pressure if necessary. Repeat the treatment if necessary.

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