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HG Furniture Restorer Dark Wood

HG Furniture Restorer Dark Wood

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Furniture restorer for maintenance and repair
HG furniture restorer for dark wood is a high-quality furniture stain remover and works as a maintenance product for stained, varnished, oiled, untreated or waxed furniture. Do you have stains and white water or alcohol rings in lighter wooden furniture? In that case we recommend HG furniture restorer for light wood.
How do you use HG furniture restorer for dark wood?
Complete the steps below to clean furniture and to make sure they regain their natural colour and shine:

Apply the wood stain remover HG furniture restorer for dark wood with a clean, lint-free cloth. Apply the stain remover for wood furniture liberally and in straight strokes.
Leave to work for 6 to 10 hours. In the meantime, repeat the treatment in places where the product has been absorbed completely.
When it has been absorbed completely, the surplus product can be removed with a clean cloth.

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