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HG Drain Odour Remover

HG Drain Odour Remover

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Smelly drain smells fresh again
Smelly drains? The drain odour eliminator of HG removes any dirt that causes a smelly drain. With this drain deodorizer the sink or drain smells fresh again. Cleans and deodorizes for 10 treatments. With HG drain odour remover smelly drains, shower wastes and sinks are gone forever!
How do you use HG drain odour remover?
Complete the following steps when you use HG drain odour remover for a smelly drain.

Rinse the drain first with hot water.
Add 50gr (5 caps) of HG drain odour remover granules directly to the drain.
Leave the drain deodorizer to work for 30 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly with hot water.

If you spill any drain odour eliminator, remove it immediately with water. If the dishwasher is connected to the kitchen drain, do not use this product. It rinses the granules away before time and has a negative impact on its effect. 

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