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HG Descaler for Appliances

HG Descaler for Appliances

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Using the descaler
When there is a build-up of limescale in appliances which use hot-water, they need to use more energy to heat up effectively. This makes them less efficient and can cause the machine to wear out earlier.
How you descale your equipment, and how often you descale it, will depend on the type of appliance and how often you use it. It can be used as a washing machine limescale remover, a dishwasher descaler or to descale your coffee maker.
If you live in a region which uses hard water, this will also cause limescale to build up more quickly.
How do you use HG descaler for appliances?
The descaling method depends on the type of machine. 
Use as coffee machine descaler:

Dilute 50ml of HG descaler for appliances with half a litre of water and pour it carefully into the reservoir of the coffee-maker. 
Use the machine the way you would when you make coffee. 
Pour the descaler solution down the drain. If the machine does not percolate properly, repeat the treatment with a new mixture of coffee descaler. 
Finally, clean the machine three times with clean water to ensure no limescale or unwanted tastes remain. 

Use as kettle descaler:

Dilute 50ml of HG descaler for appliances with half a litre of water and pour it carefully into the electric kettle. 
Do not switch the kettle on, but leave the liquid to work cold for approximately 40 minutes. 
Pour the solution down the drain. If the scale has not disappeared completely, repeat the treatment with the kettle descaler. 
Finally, rinse the kettle thoroughly after the treatment. 
The kettle is ready for use.

Use as washing machine descaler:

Add HG descaler for appliances to the detergent tray. Use 100ml in soft-water areas and 200ml in areas with hard water. 
Run the shortest programme with a temperature of 60ºC. 
Switch the machine off halfway through the programme and wait 20 minutes to make sure the washing machine descaler works properly. 
After 20 minutes leave the machine to finish the programme. 
The washing machine is ready for use.

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