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HG Car Windscreen Cleaner

HG Car Windscreen Cleaner

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Car window cleaner for quick, easy and no-streaks cleaning
Good visibility requires clean windscreens, particularly when the sun is low, and that makes them critically important. The HG car windscreen cleaner spray bottle makes the process for the windscreens quick, simple, but above all, streak-free. Our car window cleaner is suitable for the inside and outside of the car, caravan or boat and can be used on plastic windows. On the inside it removes dust and nicotine deposits easily. On the outside it removes dirt. 
How do you use HG car windscreen cleaner?
Complete the following steps to stop dirty windscreens with HG car windscreen cleaner.

To clean the windscreens, spray some window cleaner on the windscreen.
Rub with a dry and soft cloth or dry with a squeegee.
The windscreen is clean again!

Make sure you transport and store the bottle upright. This windscreen cleaner is fully biodegradable. With HG car windscreen cleaner you put an end to dirty windscreens!

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