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HG Car Wheel Rim Cleaner

HG Car Wheel Rim Cleaner

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Do you want to buy an extremely powerful rim cleaner spray?
Clean rims? A good wheel rim cleaner is essential to getting beautifully clean rims. Dirt, such as brake fluid, cannot be removed any other way. Even when the car just comes out of the car wash, they often do not look at their best. (Aluminum) Rim cleaner is an extremely powerful product and essential for cleaning rims and getting them perfectly clean. HG car wheel rim cleaner is ideal as a pre-treatment before the car goes to the car wash. The composition of the ingredients ensures that the rims are not affected. The wheel rim cleaner spray is also fully biodegradable.
How do you use HG car wheel rim cleaner?
Follow the steps below for optimum use of your HG car wheel rim cleaner.

Spray the rims with HG car wheel rim cleaner and leave to work for 1 minute. It is important to leave this time to guarantee the effectiveness of the product.
Brush the dirt from the rim with a brush. 
Then wipe off the dirt and rinse well, preferably with warm water.

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