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HG 4-in-1 Leather Cleaner

HG 4-in-1 Leather Cleaner

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HG 4-in-1 leather cleaner protects against dirt and stains
Treat leather? Leather is a natural product and can therefore dry out. Good leather reconditioning is essential to leather. HG 4-in-1 leather cleaner is a water-based leather protector developed especially for looking after so-called full aniline and scumbled types of leather used, for instance, in furniture, suitcases and bags. What’s more, the colour and structure of the leather are enriched, making the leather look brand new again. After treatment, the leather will no longer attract dirt, and the costly material will be protected against drying out! Perfect thus for leather maintenance or reconditioning. 
How do you use HG 4-in-1 leather cleaner?
Follow the steps below for correct use of HG 4-in-1 leather cleaner.  This leather protector ensures the leather will no longer attract dirt and protects it against drying out.

Grimy leather or leather that has been treated with other products, should be cleaned thoroughly with HG deep cleaner for leather first. 
Allow the cleaned surfaces to dry for 30 minutes.
Put HG 4-in-1 leather cleaner on a cloth or sponge and gently rub it into the material.
After about 10 minutes polish with a soft cloth, without using any pressure.
The result is perfectly cleaned and nourished leather.

It is important to treat both new and old leather regularly. In between, it is best to clean the leather with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

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