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Bug Clear Ultra Gun 1L

Bug Clear Ultra Gun 1L

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BugClear™ Fruit & Veg Ultra ready to use spray controls aphids, scale insects, mealy bugs, red spider mites and other mites. It is ideal for fruit, vegetables and ornamentals.
How to use
Shake bottle well before use (5 seconds).

Choose a calm day, avoid bright sunlight, drought and frost.
Spray early morning (7-9am) or evening (6-8pm) to minimise risk to bees.
Press down firmly on top of trigger heard immediately behind yellow nozzle to depress safety tab.
At the same time, twist nozzle to depress safety tab. At the same time twist nozzle to spray position (1/4 turn each way). Spray plants thoroughly to wet upper and lower surfaces of leaves. Avoid contact with non-target plants. Turn nozzle to the "OFF" postion after use.

Where to use
Ideal for ornamental plants, fruits and vegetables. Some plants may be sensitive to oils. It is always advisable to test a sample of plants by treating them and leaving for at least two weeks, before treating a large or valuable collection. Do not treat sensitive species of floral plants (e.g. Poinsettias, cyclamens, kalanchoes, african violets, ferms or ivy etc. Do not spray directly onto blooms.

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