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Axus Decor

Axus Decor Flex-E-Liner

Axus Decor Flex-E-Liner

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Introducing the Flex-e-Liner, manufactured with durable, coated silicone - for a convenient and eco-conscious painting experience. Designed to fit snugly into 1L and 2.5L paint kettles, it revolutionises how you handle paint cleanup.


Permanent Bond Prevention:

Bid farewell to the frustrations of permanently bonded paint in your kettle. With the Flex-e-Liner, any remaining paint can be left to dry, forming a non-permanent film that effortlessly crumples for easy removal, leaving your paint kettle pristine and ready for future projects.


Great Time-Saver

Without a liner, washing out your paint kettle becomes a time-consuming and wasteful chore. Instead, use a Flex-e-Liner and leave it overnight. Disposing of the dried paint the following day will only take a few seconds, and after a quick wipe, your Flex-e-Liner will be rejuvenated.


Environmental Responsibility:

Washing your paint kettle at the sink wastes water and releases microplastics into our waterways, polluting our oceans. Disposable kettle liners can prevent that, but they are made of single-use plastic that can't be recycled and can take centuries to decompose in landfills. The Flex-e-Liner is a sustainable option that's also more economical, thanks to its reusability.


Effortless Cleanup, Reusable Reliability:

After drying and disposal of the paint as per local guidelines, a quick wipe is all it takes to rejuvenate the Flex-e-Liner. Our silicone liner is specially coated, ensuring that neither water-based nor oil-based paints permanently stick, making it a reliable, reusable solution.



Our specially coated silicone liner ensures that neither water-based nor oil-based paints permanently stick. Even adhesion primers are compatible. Measurement markers ensure accurate pours.

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