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Axus Decor Blue Series Flex E Bowl 1200ml

Axus Decor Blue Series Flex E Bowl 1200ml

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 Introducing the innovative Flex-e-Bowl, crafted from highly flexible silicone – the ultimate companion for hassle-free filler preparation and clean-up.


Ultimate convenience:

Say goodbye to the struggle of scraping and prying dried filler from your mixing containers. The bowl's flexible design lets you crack and release hardened filler with a simple squeeze. This means no more wasted time and frustration.


Generous Capacity:

With an extra-large 180mm base diameter, this bowl provides ample space for larger quantities of filler, accommodating your project needs without the risk of spillage. Mix confidently and enjoy the freedom to tackle extensive tasks with ease.


Seamless Mixing Experience:

With the bowl's smooth walls and flat bottom, your filling blade will effortlessly glide around, making a perfectly blended paste easy to achieve.


Precise Ratios, Every Time:

With integrated measurement markers, our bowl eliminates guesswork and ensures accurate mixing ratios. It allows you to follow manufacturer recommendations precisely, leading to optimal filler performance.


Unparalleled Reusability:

Unlike traditional plastic or rubber alternatives, the Flex-e-Bowl resists filler adhesion, ensuring that you can easily crack and remove the hardened material once your task is complete. Rinse and repeat – literally! Enjoy the convenience of a reusable bowl that stands the test of time.

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