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Ronseal 10 Year Wood Stain Ebony

Ronseal 10 Year Wood Stain Ebony

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How to paint exterior windows and doors
Before you start
Pick a dry day that’s not too cold – above 10°c is the best temperature. Always wear a mask when you’re sanding wood to avoid inhaling any dust.
This Woodstain is not suitable for decking.
How to prepare stained or varnished wood
Properly preparing your wood will give you a better finish in the long run, so it’s worth the effort.

Wrap 120 grit sandpaper around a block and sand the surface of your door or window to remove old finishes. Not only will this remove the varnish, but it will smooth it out and provide a better surface for your Woodstain to stick to.
Use white spirit and a cloth to clean down the surface and remove any excess dust.

How to prepare new wood

Lightly sand your door or window to even out any imperfections
Wipe down with white spirit and leave it to dry
If you’re treating veneer, follow the supplier’s guidelines.


Give the tin a good stir to make sure the colour pigment is thoroughly mixed.
Test the Woodstain on a small patch to make sure you’re happy with the colour.
If you are, use a brush to apply the Woodstain in the direction of the grain.
Wait four hours for the first coat to dry before applying the second. Leave the second coat to dry for four hours.
You need three coats for the best finish. Before you apply the third coat, lightly sand the wood to help the stain stick for a smoother finish. Apply the third coat and that’s it!
You’ll need to wait 12 hours for the third coat to dry completely but it will be rainproof in just one.

If you get any stain on yourself, you can wash it off with warm, soapy water.
Once the Woodstain is completely dry, you can clean your doors and windows as normal. Regularly cleaning your windows and doors to remove dirt and grime will help keep the Woodstain in a better condition for longer.
If you notice you’ve got any Woodstain on yourself or want to clean your brushes, wash in warm, soapy water.
If you notice any spots of damage, sand down the section and repeat the process to cover it up.

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