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Faithfull Professional Knapsack Sprayer with Viton® Seals 16L

Faithfull Professional Knapsack Sprayer with Viton® Seals 16L

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The Faithfull Professional Knapsack Sprayer is supplied fitted with Viton® seals making them suitable for use with water-based and most solvent-based chemical products. It features a 'pump as you go' pressure action and large capacity, ideal for use in bigger gardens, vegetable plots or in the greenhouse and helps make light work of those big spraying jobs.
Manufactured from shatterproof and frost resistant materials, the sprayer is fitted with pressure release safety valves and a trigger lock for continuous use when required. The flexible hose is equipped with an extendable stainless steel lance with an adjustable spray nozzle that permits easy access to difficult to reach areas. The shoulder harness may be fitted for either right or left-hand use.
Working Capacity: 16 litreWorking Pressure: 1.5-4.5 barArea Coverage: 100m²-400m²Hose Length: 1.3m

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