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Faithfull FAISLTL20 LED Task Light 20W

Faithfull FAISLTL20 LED Task Light 20W

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This powerful work light is powered by the very latest lighting technology. A 20 watt highly efficient SMD (Surface Mounted Diode) LED provides an extremely bright, glare free 2000 Lumens of light output and is mounted in a heavy-duty, impact resistant waterproof case rated to IP44.

A mirror backed reflector improves the light output and beam spread of the work light, which also has the added benefits of an integrated power take off socket allowing the series linking of lamps or for use with power tools. The lamp has a 3M x 0.75mm² cable and a built-in storage system and is fitted with an approved 240 volt plug.

LED work lights have many uses around the worksite or home, providing a glare free bright light that avoids the high heat output associated with halogen bulbs. These lights are cool running and eliminate the fire and burn hazards associated with halogen lighting, which make them ideal for tradesmen who are working close by. They also have the benefit of not drying out plaster or similar finishes too quickly (which can happen with the heat emitted from halogen lights) which can result in cracking.

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