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Faithfull Diamond Sharpening Stone

Faithfull Diamond Sharpening Stone

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The Faithfull Diamond Sharpening Stone Kit is ideal for quick, easy and effortless sharpening of any blade and many other tools. Its double sided 8mm thick metal stone is electroplated with monocrystalline diamond in two grits, 400G Coarse & 1000G Fine - both of which can be easily accessed by simply releasing the stone from the docking station and turning it over.

The benefit of this stone over a traditional abrasive sharpening stone is the sharpening surface remains absolutely flat and will not ‘groove’ over time. This is essential in order to provide a consistent straight edge on precision cutting tools such as wood chisels and plane irons.

Diamond stones will sharpen carbon steel, HSS and tungsten carbide tools, as well as abrade glass, ceramic tiles and porcelain - either used dry or with water as a lubricant. Also ideal for general purpose sharpening of knives, scissors, chisels, plane blades, cutting blades, TCT router bits and any tool that requires a sharp edge.


Contents & Features
  • 400G Coarse & 1000G Fine grits
  • Supplied with a handy storage wallet and docking station
  • Constructed using three solid, non-slip rubber pads and robust steel rods
  • Fitted with easy grip screw nuts for precise and firm fixing of the stone
  • Adjustable - accepting stones from 135 to 216mm in length
  • 6mm deep recess to provide a secure and firm base for all sharpening

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